Stop been a slave to sickness

Be HealthyRegardless of your Status, Occupation, Religion, Age or Gender: Don’t Joke with your HEALTH!!! You will all agree with me, that our society is presently experiencing an alarming rise in the number of people who suffer from chronic diseases. diseases such as stroke, hypertension, cancer, fibroids, diabetes, heart disease, prostate, mental illness, microbial infections, asthma, hepatitis, bone and muscular disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Most of these diseases are the fall-outs of environmental pollution, genetic modified organism (GMO), poverty, genetic vulnerability, poor diet, stress, lack of enough rest, lack of exercise, sedentary & unhealthy lifestyles.

The World Health Organization defined health “as a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual & social well-being and not only or merely the absence of disease”. Therefore, the question that comes to mind is: Who is healthy? How does one know who satisfies this definition of health? Or can we assume that anyone who has not sought help from any healthcare service provider is healthy? The answer is NO.

Many people suffer from one ailment or the other in silence, partly because they do not know that they are sick. The truth of the matter is, there is a subtle difference between health and ill-health that cannot be understood. Some people are currently battling with double burden of diseases: communicable as well as non – communicable.

Vine-Health provides to you, a window of opportunity to make dramatic progress against this diseases, and to establish an early warning system that will protect you from new and unexpected ones.

Be Wise.

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