Drugless and HealthyDr. S. R Das Gupta, President of the Indian Science Congress, 1977, warns about the harmful consequences of administration of a variety of new and old drugs. The Hindu, in an editorial on the subject pointed out that Dr. Das Gupta’s findings have been thoroughly confirmed by experts in the advanced countries, where damage are done to health from gulping down a drugs, on medical prescription, is posing a grave threat.

To quote The New Statesman of London. One in three patients in U.K. Hospitals have some kind of unwanted effect from drugs they took, and that in 5 percent of Hospitals admissions, a drug has contributed to condition which brings the patient in. These revelations have given rise to a spate of press criticism of the fast growing tendency of prescribing and consuming drugs indiscriminately, causing untold havoc to public health.

Polypharmacy, drug administration of resting on trials by putting verities of brands of drugs without any knowledge of  the ingredients and composition in a prescription, in the hope that one of them will be of benefit, is an absurdity. It is called a shot gun prescription, causing untold havoc to public health as a case study revolution.

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