Treatment and Cure of Chronic Diseases

acidicFirst, what is Sickness/Disease? Sickness/Disease is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws.

We have painstakingly understudied the human systems and it’s digestive systemfunctions, data collected and experiments shows that disease was a natural process; signs and symptoms of a disease were caused by the natural reactions of the body to the disease process.

Vine-Health role as the servant and facilitator of Nature is to aid the natural resistance of the body to overcome the metabolic imbalance and restore health and harmony to the organism.

All our method of treatment is aimed at enabling the natural resistance of the organism to prevail and overcome the disease, to bring about cure and total recovery.

immuneWe are sensible, pragmatic and flexible in our approach, favouring conservatism and moderation over radical or extreme measures using law of similar in a Holistic non-violent manner. NOTE: This can never be achieve by administration of inorganic products.

1. Reaction to Dose:- Our carefully selected remedies, produces an improvement in the clients, which continues even to the restoration of health in general.
2. Administration of Remedy:- The best time for taking organic remedies is in the morning before breakfast, at lest an hour before paineating or drinking anything.

3. Curing Individual Symptoms:-

Clients sometimes desires to be cured of a troublesome symptoms immediately. ‘This cannot be done;.

4. Lent of Treatment in Chronic Disease:- A serious chronic disease may be cured in the space of one or two years provided it has not been mismanaged by allopathic treatment to the extent of becoming incurable, do not expect magic if such damage has been done. No one but an ignorant quack can promise to cure a chronic disease in six weeks….. Quote by Dr. Ellis Barker

improvement5. Early Signs of Improvement:-
If the remedies are being taking properly as described, the strength of the client ought to increase from the beginning of the treatment.

6. Order of Cure:- The thorough cure of a ramified chronic disease is indicated by the most important organs being first relieved.

7. Signs of Perfect Cure of Chronic Diseases:- Chronic disease, if they are thoroughly cured, always terminate in some cutaneous eruption.

8. Non-interference with Remedies:- Clients with chronic disease must avoid domestic remedies, intermediate medicines, must abstain carefully from perfumes, toxic scented and acidic waters, tooth powder, etc.



9. Avoid Coffee and Tea:- Coffee has “pernicious effects upon both body and soul”, while tea, “secretly and infallibly weakens the nerves” they ought to be avoided during treatment of chronic diseases.

10. Emotions Interfere:-
Grief, sorrow, vexation; an unhappy marriage, a grieving conscience, and bereavement are capable of rousing a latent chronic disease into activity, also excessive fatigue, wounds and injuries, starvation, & use of unwholesome food.

11. Diet:- ‘Strict diet is not the curative agent in the treatment of chronic diseases…….. This is proved by the fact that many chronic patients have followed for years the strictest diet without being able to obtain relief.

12. Let the Remedy Act and Do Not Interfere:- The rule is that our carefully selected remedies should act until it has completed its effect. don’t interrupt the action of the remedies giving to you, and do not exhibit an intermediate remedy on account of a little headache, diarrhoea, pain, etc which may perhaps come the day after the remedy was given.

13. Length of Action of a dose:- Our fine carefully well-selected remedies, if uninterrupted in its action’ will gradually accomplish all of the curative effect it is capable of producing in a period varying from 90 to 120 days.

By applying this principles order of cure from Vine-Health Clinic, we assure you that no mater the ailment, you will be glad you came.

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