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About Vine-Health Paramedic Services

Vine-Health Paramedic Services is a company that offers state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions to various health issues naturally with no side effect.

VHPS was born out of the curiosity as to why the health sector seems to be losing out on the war against the various chronic diseases that is ravaging Nigeria in particular, and the continent of Africa in general.

For instance, people take medications and food supplements of different kinds, but no noticeable result is seen or felt, and in most cases, more problems are created in the body.

The main reasons for these are not far-fetched – haphazard diagnosis and same-of-the-same treatment method. Vine-Health knows that the foundation on which effective treatment can be realized is unabridged diagnosis! Nothing must be left to chance; no stone must be left unturned.

Vine-Health has painstakingly understudied the basics of true-wellness and come up with two solutions – Redefinition of true-wellness in the area of diagnosis and treatment using holistic approach.

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