Organic Medication

Organic Medication

Bear in mind that, inorganic medications are products that is produced using substances like bones, metals, horns, ashes, etc as bio-ehancer for preparations. This substances leads to toxic build-up in the body and causes more harm than good.

Organic medications are products that is produced using holistic approach, which are only plant-based, such as leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, etc., of herbs; and then, the most amazing Indian Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter) as bio-ehancer for preparations. This is administered to effect disease, and allay the so-called terminal chronic diseases under hopelessness, and bring healing, curing, restoring and complete result without side effect or any harm to the body.

However, Tough laws and government standards, which serves as guiding principles by the world’s regulatory body, products need to go through different stages of monitoring systems to qualify to be called Organic products.

A lot has been said about the life-saving benefits of Organic products in different parts of the world, the whole system is linked –Soil, Plants, Animals, Food, Drug, People, Environment, and Health

An Organic certification logo protects consumers from misleading claims and is the mark of a genuine Organic product which has been audited all along the production chain from paddock to plate to comply with strict Organic standards.

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