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Our Partner – Herbal Hills

Vine-Health is affiliated to Herbal Hills India, cultivators, manufacturers & exporters of Ayurvedic Medicine and Green Food Supplements in India, USA, Etc.

Herbal Hills is the only company in the world today that use only plant-based bio-enhancer! These include leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, etc., of herbs; and then, the most amazing Indian Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter) as BIO-ENHANCER!

The above discovery endeared Herbal Hills India and Vine-Health Paramedic Services, to go into health alliance (different from same-of-the-same), and finding a lasting solution to the health crises that has been eating up Nigerian and African populace.

Today, Vine-Health Paramedic Services is the sole distributor of all Herbal Hills, India’s health products in this part of the continent!

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