Vine-Health Client code of conduct

Vine-Health Client code of conductThis Code of Conduct was designed for our clients to understand that a certain level of behaviour is expected, to help us maintain a healthy environment.

At Vine-Health Clinic, we recognize the importance of maintaining an environment of integrity, honesty, and respect. Together, we can work to foster this environment of ethical and compliance responsibility and achieve our mission of quality health care.

Vine-Health Clinic institutional ethics are grounded in our Mission, Vision, Core Value and Goal Statements. The values that we believe foster our high standards and excellence include: DIGNITY COMPASSION COMMITMENT

Finally, some values are the very precondition for doing business, for example, truth telling and promise keeping. Without these moral virtues, business itself would be impossible.

All clients to Vine-Health Clinic have the below obligations to follow. visitors, patients, doctors and hospital staff:

  1. I understand that verbal or physical abuse towards staff will not be tolerated, plus making noise so as to disturb others.
  2. I understand that smoking is prohibited at Vine-Health Clinic.
  3. I agree to participate in all aspects of the treatment process including the scheduled program and activities as requested by staff and determined by my doctor.
  4. I will not consume alcohol or illicit/non-prescribed drugs on the premises.
  5. I agree not to act in a way that could harm others or myself.
  6. Whilst I am a client at Vine-Health Clinic, I agree not to take any medication that has not been prescribed by my doctor.
  7. I will accept any reasonable treatment discussed with me and prescribed by my attending doctor and understand that all treatment is individually prescribed.
  8. I understand that mobile phones may be used at Vine-Health Clinic under certain conditions.
  9. I agree to cooperate with all Vine-Health Clinic Policies.
  10. I understand that I can relay any compliments or complaints to my contact doctor in the first instance. Failure to comply with the above may result in a discontinuation of my treatment at Vine-Health Clinic.